SBA Office of Advocacy Visits RBV Contracting

Several RBV Contracting employees and members of the SBA Office of Advocacy pose in front of RBV Contacting banners

Last week, the team at RBV Contracting was excited to welcome representatives from the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy to our office. The U.S. Small Business Administration, which is headquartered in Washington D.C., was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns. Their Office of Advocacy helps advance the views and concerns from small business before Congress, the White House, and policy makers.

President Trump made regulatory reform a center piece of his agenda and has signed two executive orders addressing the regulatory burden facing the private sector. The Office of Advocacy ensures the implementation of the new executive orders. To assist in reaching the goals of the executive orders, the Office of Advocacy has developed a Regulatory Reform Action Plan, which includes hosting Regional Regulatory Reform Roundtables across the country to sit down with small business owners and hear first-hand what concerns and issues businesses are dealing with.

The Office of Advocacy hosted one of their Regulatory Reform Roundtables in Detroit last week, where they listened to, and spoke with, local business owners about their concerns on several different issues, including federal regulations. Congressional offices and key federal agencies were also present at the event. Their team is truly pounding the pavement and working to understand what regulations work, and don’t work, for small businesses.

The following day, on March 14, our team welcomed several representatives from the Office of Advocacy to the RBV headquarters. We discussed regulatory reform and how the Small Business Administration’s programs have helped grow our business. We also had a local representative from the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM), Sue Tellier, with us during the visit. It was productive and exciting to have everyone in one room and focus on how we can work together to drive small businesses forward.

As part of their visit, we took everyone out to tour our 88th Regional Support Command project in Southfield, where we are repairing the vehicle exhaust system at the Branch Maintenance Activity (BMA) Building. It was great to show their team just what RBV Contracting does, and why we are so proud of the work we do. They were able to put on RBV hard hats, check out some of our construction equipment and even get a look at the heavy-duty Humvees.


We are thankful for organizations like the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy that dedicate their time to visiting and speaking with small business owners across the country. We are excited about the future of RBV Contracting and it is nice to know we have a wonderful partner in the SBA team.

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