Fort Dodge Riverfront Trail

This project is one of the largest ones we have ever tackled. It required our team to clear land and install a multi-use trail along the eastern bank of the Des Moines River in the City of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Repair Interior Architectural and Plumbing

Our team was thrilled to get to do more work for the Rock Island District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For this project, we focused on renovating and improving the existing Donald C. Schorling Reserve Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Elkhart Dam Removal

For this project, RBV Contracting was hired to remove a dam that had originally been constructed in the 1830s. The completion of the project left the riverbank looking better than it had in almost two centuries, allowing for new recreation and species to travel this portion of the river.

Pointe Mouillee CDF Maintenance

The goal of this project was to ensure vehicles would have safe passage on the causeway to the Pointe Mouillee Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) in Monroe County, Michigan.

Little Caesars Arena

RBV Contracting was hired to be a part of the Little Caesars Arena where the Detroit Red Wings now play. Our involvement in the project was broken into two phases. The first phase was completed for CIMCO Refrigeration and valued at $400,000.

Elton Park

RBV Contracting was brought in to work on a new neighborhood in the Corktown area of Detroit, Michigan. Elton Park contains a wide array of structures.

Clinton River Restoration

This is the second project we have completed on the Clinton River in Shelby Township, Michigan. Years of erosion had eaten away at the riverbank, so the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers brought in RBV Contracting to re-establish and fortify the area.

City Modern

We’re happy to say this is one of RBV Contracting’s largest projects, and it’s located right in the heart of our hometown of Detroit, Michigan. We’ve been hired to perform a wide array of services for City Modern, located right in the middle of Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood.

Repair Vehicle Exhaust System Building

RBV Contracting was brought in to help rework the 88th Regional Support Command Maintenance Building for the Rock Island District of U.S. Army Engineers. We were happy to be part of this project.