5 Best Gifts for Construction Workers

An RBV Contracting employee shovels mud on the Adient job site

The holidays are just around the corner, and we know that shopping for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list can be stressful. Lucky for you, our team at RBV has rounded up a few of our favorite, must-have gifts for those in the construction industry:

The Stanley Cooler and Thermos Combo

Whether you’re working outside in the cold or the heat, the elements can ruin a perfectly-packed lunch. Instead of being forced to eat out at restaurants or fast food joints, the construction worker in your life can enjoy a fresh, home-cooked meal, that is kept warm or cold, when you get them the Stanley Cooler and Thermos Combo.

Waterproof Gloves

Working in harsh outdoor conditions can be a pain. Whether it is rain or snow, it is important to always keep your hands dry and warm. A great pair of all-weather, waterproof gloves will make for a great gift this year.

Hard Hat Stickers

A more light-hearted gift that will make a perfect stocking stuffer is unique hard hat stickers. Find a sticker showing your loved one’s favorite sports team or brand, or opt for creating your own custom stickers online. We take our jobs seriously, but it’s nice to be able to show a little personality once in a while.

New Work Boots

Everyone loves a new pair of boots, but construction workers know the real value in a good, solid pair of work boots. Wearing the right footwear on a construction site is a lot more important than most people realize. Construction workers’ feet can take a beating, so gifting them a pair of comfortable, waterproof, insulated boots will be a game changer.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Construction sites can often be messy, and you have to deal with the harsh elements. If you need to write notes, the average piece of paper and pencil or pen likely won’t cut it. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebooks are a perfect solution, and their all-weather pens and mechanical pencils will make taking notes a lot easier.


2018 has been a great year for RBV Contracting, and we are almost certain that everyone on our team made the “nice” list this season. We hope you have a happy and safe end to your year and that you start 2019 off on a great note.

Happy holidays!

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